Future of the HR career.

We live in a world where data has a high demand than humans. We live in a world where machines learn while people are hooked. It is crystal clear that the job market is rapidly changing and most of the capabilities we are having now, will be abandoned.

Main purpose of the Human Resource department of a company is to generate and retain the Human resource for the betterment of the company’s long run. Years ago, there wasn’t anything called HR Management. It was people management. With the march of time, Peoples management has evolved from people management to Strategic HR management.

Unlike the HR management , technology is running an endless marathon which no one can predicts it’s future. And there is a high risk of replacing human workforce by machines and soft wares in a high percentage.

If there is no human workforce, why a company should spend their millions of pennies on a worthless, useless department called “HR Department”

But the entire human workforce cannot be abandoned and replaced. Because machines are just wires and a myriad of hardware parts. They don’t have emotions. They don’t feel anything. Other than that, sometimes machines are trouble makers.

So we have to find an arena where humans are valued and technologies are used. Two people are not the same. Employees have to shape up and radiate their calibers.

I’ll mention some predictions about the future HR role in my point of view as a Software Developer and a HR Student.

Robot Vera application..

1) Recruiting and selecting will not be traumatic

You may experience Apple’s siri and Samsung’s mobile phone assistant. That soft wares are made to do simple tasks with voice commands. Then again you may experience chat bots. So think about a chat bot which is equipped with Artificial Intelligence to capture the talents of people, identify human emotions, detect lies. It sounds amazing. Companies have to pay for the software licence only. Rest of the work will be done by the software and you have only to burn calories to sign on the employment agreement. Most of the leading companies like IKEA and Pepsi-co use Robot Vera application to pump new blood to the organization.

2) Employees demand work from home

If you don’t like to stay at home, Please meet your doctor and make sure you aren’t made out of wires and circuits. Work from home is the latest company culture which helps employees to manage their work according to their own schedule. It saves money of the Employer and employee and eliminates office distractions. Thanking to the latest technologies, employees work remotely. And they are endowed with a bunch of benefits which help employees to balance their personal life and the career. In this case, HR role should be changed accordingly. HR people has to redefine their strategies to manage a remote workforce. Most of the HR functions like health and safety, labor laws will no longer.

3) Performance appraisals….no sweating in A/C rooms.

Most of the employees are apathetic about performance appraisal meetings because of many reasons. Sometimes appraisal meetings are awkward because of the poor communication of both appraiser and appraisee. Appraisee may get nervous because of the place where the meeting is held. To surmount this kind of situations, Virtual reality can be used. If both appraiser and appraisee could select the virtual location they want to experience, they will be happy and comfortable and same time, the experience will be unforgettable.

4) HR People have to be paternalistic and emotionally intelligent.

People in 21st century are stressed and depressed. We talk about benefits of the new technology and the same time we know that technology prevails us to distract. We live in a world where we seek for the sense of belonging. HR people can guide their employees buy understanding the employees’ emotions. It’s proven that Emotional intelligence will be a must required ability to survive in the modern job market. Humans are not impervious to the emotional support. Humans try to protect themselves when they are insecure. It drops the productivity of the employees. On that point, HR people can play a major role to aggrandize emotional awareness and the self resilience of the employees and to help them to follow their own drum beat in working.

See you next time with a new topic….




I’'m searching for my balance between heart and head..

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Dulana Hansisi

Dulana Hansisi

I’'m searching for my balance between heart and head..

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